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in west virginia to eulogize the miners that perished. hello, i'm patti ann brown. >> i'm eric sean. >> vice president and state officials will be joining him to remember and honor those that died. the president is meeting privately with the mine's victim's family. president is expected to pay tribute by saying the miners died in pursuit of the american dream. we'll bring you the service as it begins in half an hour from now. >>> rescuers in western mississippi are scouring neighborhoods of splintered homes and uprooted trees looking for tornado survivors. yesterday a devastating twister sliced through the state killing ten people including two children and a three-month-old baby. 100 homes in yazoo county are severely damaged. mississippi governor haley barbour described it as utter obliteration and the tornado as enormous. yazoo city was hit the hardest where chris is right now. >> reporter: i want to explain to our viewers, here we are 24 hours after the twister touched down and they are still combing the area looking for victims. that is because there are parts of this state tha
, the three elections that happened last fall, and in january, virginia, new jersey, and van, -- and january, the democrats tried to payment the republicans as crazy conservatives against modern society and it did not work. the country is conservative on those issues but if you go to the first question of what is the biggest vulnerability, the polls show the number one concern for people is jobs. and they are not focusing on jobs. if they have a supreme court nomination it will suck up all the objects -- oxygen. >> what does that mean for july? they hope for progress on immigration reform. >> those issues are not something that help you get more jobs. i am not saying the government can create jobs but they can create a condition for it and they will move toward november 2010 with weight on their ankles and have a problem on the health care. >> we were talking about the president's criticism taking asked questions by george stephanopolis what people are saying, do you sense the same thing, that up like former president bush who let stuff role off his back, president obama gets his chest stick
happened in virginia, massachusetts, new jersey? >> absolutely it does. >> sean: does this intensity hold through november? >> this intensity had better hold through november, yes. [ inaudible ] >> we have an unprecedented opportunity sean to take this country back. you have laid out clearly in your book the way to do that how you can get principled conservative leadership back in washington to change the course of this station and it stars with these folks right here. >> sean: you walked out here tonight and got a massive reception from the crowd here in new orleans. you had a strong defense from newt gingrich. governor palin defended you. some have attacked you. some have gone after you. what is your reaction to that and response? >> i'm trying to do the best i can as national chairman. >> sean: you have three victories under your belt. >> new jersey, massachusetts and virginia. [ cheering ] >> this is the bottom line. i stay focused very much on winning in november. i'm going to work very hard to make sure more republicans, more conservatives get into the senate and then to congress in
more ran from virginia. go. >> congressman more ran. >> yes. jason mater are a from virginia. >> big fan, 12th district of virginia. >> good. >> we got $2 million of stimulus money. >> yeah. >> so i wanted to thank you about that. >> that's good. >> even though the state of virginia says the 12th district does not exist. >> yeah. >> it was one of those bogus districts that didn't get any money. look, look. i have got something else to do. don't, that's really inappropriate for you to pull -- i understand i have got other things to do. >> are you apologetic at all that you are wasting taxpayer dollars with billions of stimulus package? supposed to create 3 million jobs. supposed to create 3 million jobs. you lost 3 million jobs. >> show some respect. >> bill: that reminded me of the jim bunning interview when the guys -- got him in the elevator and he was saying look, show some respect. how do you reply? >> listen, barack obama and his bevy of czars have piled up more debt with the first period of his administration that george w. bush spent in eight years. this fiscal time bomb is wa
strikes in west virginia, a mine explosion kills dozens raising questions whether the media ignored warning signs. liberal stormtrooper david schuster gets iced at peacock news for enemy lines and working on a secret project on cnn. is this the final strike? a main conduit of abuse from the white house to the american public, now the white house press corps may be a recommend ne -- remnant of the past. and tiger on course, are the media still taking shots? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. conservative columnist, anded degree tantero. jim pinkerton, and news day columnist, the legendary ellis henican. i'm jon scott, news watch is on right now. >> together we've stopped that and proven the benefits of cooperation. today is an important milestone for nuclear security and nonproliferation and for u.s.-russian relations. >> jon: president obama signing the biggest arms reduction treaty the white house says in 60 years, with russian president medvedev on thursday. the news from prague was met by mixed reaction from the press. take a look, in the boston
our thoughts and prayers with everyone in west virginia and beyond. now you know the news. thanks for trusting us for it. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> you work for us. you work for us. you work for us. [cheers] >> bill: new poll says most tea party supporters are not republican. so why is the media continuing to paint the group as far right? juan williams, mary mary katharine ham and bernie goldberg will weigh in. >> i find it insulting to all the other soldiers that have died. i find it insulting to the families. >> bill: support for the schneider family against snyder family against the westboro baptist church loons. ann coulter on that. >> i have lied and deceived a lot of people. >> bill: tiger woods holds a press conference at the augusta masters tournament. we will show you the low light. >> that's personal. >> bill: you have entered the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the tea party and media corruption. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. ever since the tea
. three federal judges in virginia then overturned the entire verdict saying the vicious protesters have a right to spree speech. then, incredibly, the judges hurt the snyder's even more, awarding the westboro cranks court costs meaning the snyder family has to pay more than $16,000 to their persecutors. i said that's grossly injust and i will pay the sanction. appearing on good morning america today, mr. snyder addressed the freedom of speech issue. >> i find it insulting to all the other soldiers that have died. i find it insulting to the families. i find it insulting to the military and to the veterans. it's just -- some people have died in this country throughout our history to preserve such a precious right and to have a group of 80 people destroy it and mock it the way they are, it's a crime. it was just a nightmare. they position themselves about 30 feet from the main entrance of the church. and they held signs that said god hates you. you are in hell. semper phi fags. >> bill: i spoke on gma saying that the judges are wrong and cruel to boot and we will assist the snyder family a
: virginia, massachusetts and new jersey the anger was directed towards one party. >> it's going to be more against the party that has the most seats, obviously that's going to happen. >> laura: one upset that could really shake the democrats to the core, i'm asking you to kind of dig deep here, one upset in november, what would it be. what's one senate seat? what would be the biggest upset and maybe could shake the whole system up? >> you know, i think it's hard to tell right now. it really is. because and i'm not trying to punt on your question. >> laura: barbara boxer goes down in november. >> if bore bra boxer went down in california, that would poor tend losing the senate. >> laura: president obama is going to campaign for barbara boxer. that's one thing on the schedule. >> there will be others. too early to tell right now. very smart people. >> laura: they are raising a lot of money, you are right. >> huted him where he can do the most good. >> laura: the only thing the president needs to do is learn how to throw a baseball. he has the whole south covered. i appreciate it, joe. great
maybe after virginia, maybe after massachusetts or new jersey. maybe we don't want the president to campaign for that seat. >> think about it. look. on greta you had blanche lincon, combret gr she asked whu think of the president co coming to campaign for you? she edged. the only one wants him is gulianis whose family is in a banging deboggle and they need him to win a seat against her who is probably a better candidate and will probably win but they don't want him. >> they only reach out to make a punch if it's political sense for obama. you have bill ayers and mr. wright, as you have spoken about in this program. he is no dang stranger to do th. >> sean: i think it's deeper than that. obama is admitting he doesn't have the political juice he once had. he is admitting he's a political liability. i think barack obama is afraid that when the election results come out in november he will get blamed. >> would you go? >> would i go? >> this is someone in trouble. >> would you go? >> the presidents are busy. he doesn't have to go anywhere. >> dick durbin is begging him to help in out
parents. one was left in a car in northern virginia. >> bill: isn't it hard to adopt in russia? >> thousands of people have adopted since 1991. 99% has done very well. this woman put an american citizen, that boy is an american citizen, on a one-way plane back to moscow. why she hasn't been questioned by authorities. she better be charged. his civil rights have been violated. >> bill: she claims there was alcohol syndrome. >> there is a mechanicism for dealing with that. if she couldn't deal with the child she could have escorted him. >> bill: there were ways to do it another way. >> this is putting thousands of children lives in jeopardy. they are in the middle of adoption process. i hope it can get resolved because they need a great home. >> bill: miss laura, hanging out with the crowd. >> don't give me this. >> bill: throw the picture up right now. look at this. you are not hanging out with a swell crowd. look at the pocket. >> he was standing in the doorway of george will's house. >> bill: another swell. they didn't invite me. they never would. >> i just went up with him an
at his track record. okay, so he went to new jersey, the republican won. he went to virginia, the republican won. he went to massachusetts, and the republican won. and that was when his job approval was still 50 above. now he is down 43 to 47% 48% job approval. i cannot imagine what the unpopularity of health care reform, laura, that nobody in america wanted, with nearly 10% unemployment rates staying steady, with endless bailouts, with trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, with 13 trillion-dollar national debt, and the list goes on. i cannot imagine any vulnerable democrat wanting the president to come into his swing district or swing state and campaign for him. >> alan: who has set don't come? i haven't heard anybody say it. >> laura: congressman colmes representing the eighth district of south carolina. i'm just making it up. would you in a close race asked president to campaign. >> absolutely. >> laura: really? you want to lose? >> home sales up 27% last month. you have got ford now showing a profit. you have got div m paying back. you have got the banks pay
't to live in bethesda or northwest d.c. or over across the river in mcclain, virginia. i think what you saw with the arizona vote, questionable as though it may be -- arizona law, rather. questionable as though it may be in some respects, it's not just a law. it's a cry for help. because, juan, you have seen this, there is a war on our southern border. narcoguerillas, assaulting the federal government mexico brutally murdering people in the open, slaughtering people and we're awol. >> juan: the obama administration has given more money to mexico to help just with w. this drug war. i have been down in juarez. i have seen this. little, high school kids being slaughtered at a party. just terrible. how can you say the government is not doing anything when more money is going to the mexican government from the u.s. to help with this -- with the fight? >> well, the money is going slowly. i'm glad any aid is going to them right now. the mexican army while it has some corruption is the least corrupt organization in mexico. waxen army which is in the streets of juarez and tijuana and other border ci
advancing as quickly as possible. west virginia's governor speaking live this hour. you'll see it live here on "fox & friends." >> he's president obama's go to money man. he thinks we need taxes a lot more. he says it's no big deal. our slogan comes from becky in alabama. yes, that becky. if i want news i can believe that's filled with truth and facts, i watch gretchen, brian and steve because they have my backs.
. beck and i have added an afternoon show on friday may 21st in norfolk, virginia, the evening show is sold out but now doing another one there. and we will be seeing you all in columbus, ohio on friday june 18th and the next day saturday, june 19th in st. louis. all right? so please go to bold fresh tour one for information. bold fresh tour has sold out everywhere it has been. so a word to the wise. check it out if you want to see beck and me. and that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring jim carrie and dixie carter right back with p and p. ñ ñ bill: time for pinheads and patriots. sad news our pal dixie carter passed away over the weekend from cancer. she brought joy to millions. >> no gal has a thing on sweet georgia brown ♪ ♪ oh so neat as sweet georgia brown ♪ >> i was sure she would go for danny boy. ♪ sweet georgia brown ♪ bill: great show. our condolences to her husband hal holbrook and her entire family she was a patriot. jim carrey spoke out on the tiger woods' situation unfortunately he said the golfer's wife bears some res
in norfolk, virginia, the evening show is sold out but now doing another one there. and we will be seeing you all in columbus, ohio on friday june 18th and the next day saturday, june 19th in st. louis. all right? so please go to bold fresh tour one for information. bold fresh tour has sold out everywhere it has been. so a word to the wise. check it out if you want to see beck and me. and that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring jim carrie and dixie carter right back with p and p. you've arrived at the biggest meeting since you opened your design firm... ... your presentation didn't. so here's your moment of truth. which 3g network do you trust to email the file, get it printed, and have it waiting upstairs ? when you want your 3g network to work, you want verizon. visit verizon to see how our smartphones can help put your business on the map, and buy one blackberry curve for $29.99 and get one free. ies hit, i've blackberry curve got a great way to hit back. i get claritin clear... ...with non-drowsy claritin liqui-gels. it relieves my worst allergy symp
parents, one left in a car northern virginia child left in a car died. huge issue. >> bill: isn't it hard to adopt in russia? >> that's the point. thousands of people have adopted since 1991, bill. 99.9% of the kids are doing fabulously well. parents are so happy. this is a horrible case this woman in tennessee put an american citizen. that boy is an american citizen on a one-way plane back to moscow. why she hasn't been questioned by authorities. >> bill: she has. she may be charged. >> she better be charged. that kid is an american citizen. his civil rights may have been violated. >> bill: she claims he has fetal alcohol syndrome. >> there is a problem with that there is a mechanism for dealing with that if she really couldn't deal with the child, she actually could have escorted him -- there are ways to -- this is putting thousands of children's lives in jeopardy. and let me tell you, these parents who are now in the middle of an adoption process, bill, it's heart-breaking. i hope this can get resolved. because these kids need a great home. >> bill: finally, miss laura hangs out with a
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)